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Why are fume hoods installed in laboratories?



A proper ventilation system is necessary everywhere, whether it’s our home or workplace. When it chemical laboratories, the importance of ventilation gets even higher. A unique device is used in laboratories for proper ventilation, and it is known as a fume hood.



A fume hood is a ventilation device that is used in laboratories to lower the harmful impacts of noxious gases, fumes, and dust particles.



Fume hoods are quite beneficial and serve a lot of purposes and make working in laboratories safer. You can contact any fume hood supplier to buy the most suitable fume hood for your lab.



Top-notch benefits of using fume hoods



Saves money

  • Fume hood helps the lab owners to save a lot of hard-earned money.


  • It is irrefutable that installing good quality ducts cost a lot of money, but it saves you from other huge expenses.


  • Laboratories are full of different harmful gases and chemicals which can harm the workers anytime, and the owner have to compensate the worker who would cost far way more than installing fume hoods.


  • Installing fume hoods provides the worker with a safer environment and preventsany unwanted incident from happening, which saves a lot of money on claims and compensations.


Harmful fumes

  • The experiments that take place in the labs emit a lot of noxious fumes and gases.


  • Workers getting exposed to these gases for a longer time, face a lot of health and breathing issues.


  • Fume hoods help to keep the workers healthy and improve their efficiency.


  • It is necessary to have a fume hood in the lab to stay protected from all the detrimental effects of these fumes and gases.

Lowers the operating cost



  • A considerable portion of the operating costs of a lab goes into covering the employees from all potential risks.
  • Fume hoods remove the need to cover the employees by lowering the risks and saves a lot of money.